Sight Seeing

Naming Sculpture

D for Dunfanaghy.

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Mother Tongue

Aluminium, copper, glass, wood.
40 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm

Stone Memories

Sculptures, 2022


Sculptures, 2022,

Land | Tír

Donegal landscape, Photographs, 2019-2023


Outdoor Sculptures
Limestone, bog-oak, glass, steel.

For Konstantinidis

Paper, ink, thread, gouache, perspex, 45cmx150x223cm

State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki – Kostakis Collection

All and Sundry

gluelam, dried cabbage leaves, limestone.

Galerie la Vieille Poste, Laroque, France; 2019

Alms for Alexis

Risikoländer, Sprechsaal, Berlin, 2015.

Úr Scripts : bog oak
Alms for Alexis : engraved wooden spoons, water, mild steel.

Others’ Shrouds

Handwritten texts, ink,thread, assembled, various formats, 1990-2023

Archive for Jan Palach : Galerie Lapidarium presented in association with the Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague, 2012. Above: detail.
Shroud for Seosamh Finn : Karavasla, Tbilisi History Museum, 2009

North of North

Video and sound, 44 minutes looped. 2 projectors, sound system, 3 screens (1.80m x 1.35m).  Footage shot in Iceland, performance text a traditional Icelandic “spirit invocation” associated with annual house cleaning.

Exhibited at: “Karavasla”, Tbilisi History Museum, Georgia, 2006; Museum of Archeology, Genemaria, Sardinia, 2008; Barry Rooms, TAV, Taipei, Taiwan, 2012
Video stills:
North of North at Museum of Archeology, Genemaria, Sardinia, 2008


Gaia is a video and sound project which has been presented so far in three performance installations: Skin 1, Skin 2, and Breathe. Gaia imagines “man made” and “natural” desaster as two warring aspects of Gaia which are kept in precarious balance through a ritual dance.

Video stills:
Skin 1 : Presented 2006 in the Project Arts Centre, Dublin, with Ian Wilson (music) and Jenny Roche (dance).
Skin 2 : Presented 2009 in Karavasla, Tbilisi History Museum, with Ian Wilson (music) and Nadia Tsulukidze (dance).
Breathe : Presented 2010 at Hualien International Workshop, Taiwan, with Rebecca and Chang I.