Duanaire an tSléibhe

Artist book: paintings and poetry

Imaginary Landscapes

Pencil on paper

Mother Tongue

Notebook, 2022. 44 pages, 21.0 x 29.7 cm. Watercolour and pencil.

Artist’s book facsimile (44 pages, 21.0 x 29.7 cm, watercolour and pencil), with sound composition on bandcamp.


Notebooks, pencil, 2021.


Gouache on recycled paper, 29x21cm, 2017–2020


Ink on recycled paper, photo etching plates. Handprinted edition on Fabriano 200gms, 23x23cm, 2016.

In Ainm an Athair / In Father’s Name

Photo-etching and dry point on Somerset paper, editioned, 65x80cm.


Dry point and Chine-collé on etching paper 2017–2023.


Etching and water colour on 600g Fabriano, 22x22cm, 2000.

Hedge Schools

Gouache on recycled paper, 20x29cm, 2017–2020.

Hedge Schools

Gouache on recycled paper, 21x26cm, 2017–2020